Flower Power

Kids, books, and dogs. Could it possibly get any better than that? Not if you ask Gracie after her visit to the Stanford Free Library. Her first reading & signing was a smashing success, largely due to the talents of Danielle Sundberg, Children’s Programming Director Extraordinaire.

Organized and exuberant, she gently corralled our new little friends and directed their attention to Ms. Grace and I as we read aloud and shared the silliness that is You Can Count On Gracie. As you can imagine, comments and chuckles from the peanut gallery were not in short supply. Danielle kept the canine ball rolling with I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words, while Gracie enjoyed hand pats and love from her fellow audience members.


Our smiling star was happy to help demonstrate the proper way to approach and greet a dog. Her ulterior motive was obvious.


Drawing inspiration from “Three Thirsty Flowers” in You Can Count On Gracie, Danielle had prepared a marvelous craft session during which the children fashioned their own flower headdresses. The results were nothing short of a fabulous floral runway.


GracieGirlWe’ve brought home wonderful memories of our visit to the Stanford Free Library and are hoping that our new friends will cherish the laughter and learning we shared that day. While we’re thrilled that many copies of You Can Count On Gracie went to new homes, the opportunity to demonstrate basic dog handling techniques to the kids was especially gratifying. Sharing life and love with a dog is a gift that is best enjoyed by starting off on the right paw.

Thanks again to Danielle, Arlene and the rest of the staff at the Stanford Free Library for the terrific work they do. Support your local library – there’s so much going on right under your nose!












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