Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Prop Pile

CraftRoomPropPileI love to put things away. Hate clutter. Oddly enough, I can’t bring myself to find a more permanent resting place for this motley collection. No particular harm is being done after all; stuffed animals, inflatable fish and a sequined moon sit¬†among fake carrots and butterfly wings on a table in my “Crafts Room”. It’s out of the way and only¬†occasionally irritates my organizational itch.

Unnerved by stray Tupperware on an otherwise pristine kitchen counter, I smile as I pass “The Pile” on my way to the laundry room. We’ve been on a bit of a romp together over the last year as I collected, composed and created the photographs that would become “You Can Count On Gracie”. I remember the night I scoured the internet looking for the nine plush Golden Retrievers that would surround Gracie to become the number 10. (Sorry- they’re in a separate lump on the other side of the room, but trust me, they share the Craft Room limelight.) My vision called for a brown rabbit while the web was loaded with white bunnies; who knew I could get so excited when my hunt turned up the perfect cottontail at a reasonable price? The list goes on and so do the ridiculous memories brought back to life by the denizens of “The Pile”.

While waiting for the shipment of the first edition of “Gracie”, I’ve been putting the final touches on the Little Minute Publishing website and we will be going live. The book will be available for sale on the site and eventually on Amazon. I’ll also be listing bookstores, readings and events as I hit the promotional trail.

In the meantime, I’ll be blogging and bringing you up to date on the latest goings-on in the land of Grace. Look for posts about our photo shoots and how we created the magic that would become our wonderful project. You’ll see why I’m having a hard time putting away “The Pile”.